The painting, like music, are not messy activities. A condition to put on protective clothing.

By agreeing to be offered my first range of painter and refusing to protect me from throwing paint or ink, I irretrievably spoiled many new clothes. This is the side effect of treatment against the numbness. But recent advances in medical research can do nothing and still today, I measure the exquisite sensation of freedom that I give myself, not (or poorly) the impact multicolored protect myself. It's amazing how creative people can be mischievous or rebellious ... sometimes!

The Quiet Mutiny always manages to save the point.

So I went from photo to painting, by the way round. It must be said that the route still took me nearly 40 years. Sometimes I was a little slow in my intellectual journey. And like other photographers before me, so I wanted to free myself from the grasp imposed by the need to include commercial reality, to unleash the imagination that finally sent me to distress calls in the last years of the life of 'then. The transition from the field of socially codified photo illustration to that of a lawless world of the artist sets his own new values, is one day pushing a door promising free fantasy and drunkenness. Once the door is locked and the key thrown, there is no going back. On this side, the codes of representation of reality questionable value, no longer apply. The photojournalist must get rid of all superfluous and back flat. Well, almost! For there will always keep in his bag, the instant sense of framing, the concept of value tones, rigorous selective about possibly or pattern, the sense of synthesis, the taste of the economy of means, or conversely, the search for the exuberance of the effects.

The revival in continuity.

In contradiction to my previous life governed by the need to return, my world is now full of poetry and unreal. We say that a point of symbolism can even flush. A few touches of humor finally trying to fight our certainties fools. Thus, here and there are left clues that allow the viewer to move in the table if the vagabond humor.
I do not claim to be the son of any master in particular. I am the heir of all humble. So, I let my visitors to speculate on the diversity and the source of my inspiration.

 In its sacred function, the artwork is not really justified that at the moment when it creates the emotion of it or the viewer. For, beyond the right talent, here we come to register subtle sensibility, the experience of each and ... probabilities of events.


Surpris en flagrant délit de cuisine.
Surpris en flagrant délit de cuisine.